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Pre-order Beyond: Two Souls from Sony store for $34.99


Well, that was unexpected. It's not said how long this sale is for, but for the time being you can pre-order Beyond: Two Souls from the Sony store for $34.99. That's quite a price difference than the normal $60 new PlayStation 3 games go for. Even better, you'll get free ground shipping on all orders of $25. While ground shipping does take a bit longer, at least you have the option of free shipping.

The estimated ship date on the site is 12/31/2013... which doesn't make sense considering Beyond: Two Souls releases October 8 in North America -- and I know ground shipping doesn't take over two months. 

This is a great deal for an insanely hyped game. So if you were planning on buying Beyond: Two Souls, head to the Sony store and pre-order the game now.

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