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Pre-order Anomaly 2, get the mobile exclusive Anomaly Korea on PC

Anomaly 2 Mech

The folks at 11 bit studios really want you to play their game. So much in fact, that they're giving some amazing pre-order incentives on Anomaly 2, to make it almost irresistible for anyone to ignore this crazy deal.

Right now, if you pre-order Anomaly 2 from the official site, you not only get yourself an extra copy for a friend, but you also get the mobile exclusive Anomaly Korea, on PC as well. It's a big deal, considering Anomaly Korea has never made its way to PCs before, and this will mark the first time, it will be available. However, the only way you can score this deal is by pre-ordering Anomaly 2 from the official site, for a mere $14.99.

Furthermore, purchasing it from the official site grants you Steam codes for both Anomaly 2 and Korea, which is an absolute win/win situation in my book!

My advice? Split this cost with a friend since you're getting an extra copy of Anomaly 2, and then, you know, just rock paper scissors for the extra copy of Anomaly Korea.

Anomaly Korea and Anomaly 2 bundle

You can pre-order the game right here.

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