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Praise the sun! The infamous Solaire hoodie is back! Throw your money at the screen

Dark Souls Hoodie

A while back, Kotaku weekend poster Michael Rougeau, introduced himself with a picture where he's sporting the awfully awesome Solaire themed hoodie from Dark Souls. Of course as soon as that happened, the internet freaked, and inquired where such a hoodie can be obtained. Turns out, it had a very limited run and was a collaboration on the Dark Souls subreddit, and spearheaded by Josh Hansen. It was a long and cold year (actually over a year) for fans who eagerly wanted to get their hands on one of these hoodies. So Josh turned to the one place that will help him fund the production of these hoodies, Kickstarter.

On Hansen's Kickstarter page, which already surpassed its goal, you can place an order for one of four sizes of the hoodie, as well as some vinyl stickers. The hoodie itself goes for a mere $35, which isn't all that bad considering how much praising of the Sun you'll be doing once you get one.

The quantities are limited it seems like, so if you want to praise the Sun in style, make sure you nab one of these quick! Grab one for your friend and you both can engage in some jolly cooperation. Oh the wait will be agonizing.

I can't take this...


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