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Powerboat Challenge: Hot Motorboat Racing as a 3D Mobile Phone Game

February 7, 2008

Powerboat Challenge: Hot Motorboat Racing as a 3D Mobile Phone Game

FISHLABS is launching the Powerboat Challenge. Fast-paced game play, breathtaking visual effects, and hours of fun make this racing game on the water unique. Powerboat Challenge will first be sold in Europe by Player X and will surface at the end of March 2008 on all standard 3D-capable mobile phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

In Powerboat Challenge, players can choose among four zany characters, who always have a cheeky comment on the tips of their tongues. Every driver has his or her own racing boat with different handling characteristics. Among other things, the powerboats differ in terms of top speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

Powerboat Challenge offers a large variety of game modes that is extraordinary for mobile phone games. Five different game types guarantee long-lasting fun. They include classic lap racing, the thrilling elimination competition, and time qualifications. In the elimination race, the last boat on each lap drops out until the winner has been determined.

While casual gamers will find it easy to get into the game thanks to the simple controls, experts will enjoy the finesse. Every course is marked with buoys that have to be passed on the correct side and as closely as possible. Of course there will be lots rumbling with rival boats to find the perfect line. Those who navigate with skill can ignite a turbo for a brief moment and earn even faster best times.

Naturally, tuning also plays an important role in Powerboat Challenge. Players receive style points for every skillfully rounded buoy. With enough points, tuning sets are unlocked. Of course, these offer more than just better handling; they also offer fantastic visuals and provide a hot look on the course…

FISHLABS CEO and co-founder Michael Schade is pleased, “With our many awards, FISHLABS is well-known for outstanding 3D mobile phone games. With Powerboat Challenge, we now have another top candidate for more prizes. The graphics are some of the very best that can be seen on mobile phones right now. And a comparable game experience with such deep game play, so many modes, and tuning options are otherwise found only on game consoles”.

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