Possible GTA 5 DLC uncovered: Heist printers & Tournament Qualification Playlist

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Grand Theft Auto 5's latest title update might have leaked new DLC for GTA Online. Sifting through the rpf files for update 1.10, GTA 5 fans have uncovered what looks to be two key features in future content: a printer for heists and a tournament qualification playlist.

Apparently, players will need a printer in their apartment to access heists. According to the original leaker, funmw2, the new text reads: 

At the printer, press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.

Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to collect the heist details.

Start Heist

The files also include information relating to tournaments, specifically something called a Tournament Qualification Playlist. At this point we can only speculate, but I'm thinking it has something to do with ranking jobs or possibly even heists. Here's the leaked text:

Tournament Qualification Playlist

You successfully recorded a total time of ~a~. All players that qualify for the Tournament will be contacted by Rockstar once the qualification period is over.

You've joined a Tournament Qualification Playlist in progress. Scores from this attempt will not be submitted.

Are you sure you want to start this Tournament Playlist?

Lastly, Rockstar has apparently added the name of a new contact, Maze Bank. It's believed that this could be something new for the stock markets, but again, it's all speculation.

This is the third time funmw2 has leaked possible future content for GTA Online. Earlier this month, he/she found files hinting at assassination missions, new special abilities, additional phone apps, and a few more weapons. Funmw2 is also responsible for correctly leaking the content creator so while Rockstar has yet to formally announce anything, there's a chance this information could be correct.

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