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Portal 2 Fan Reaction Is All over the Place


With a total Metacritic score averaging at about 95/100, the critical consensus for Portal 2 is just about unanimous. Our own Ben PerLee agrees, giving the game a nine out of ten in his review and calling it “a work Valve can proudly place next to its Half-Life franchise.” But what does the community think? According to Metacritic, the fans have a lot to say--both good and bad.

Metacritic's user review page has received the full gamut of opinions, leaving Portal 2 with a user rating that's currently sitting at about seven out of ten. The negative reactions stem from complaints that the PC version appears to be a port of the console release and that the game is too short. The presence of a downloadable content storefront in the game is also a sore spot for fans.

Still, the reaction isn't all negative. In fact, many users are firing back at the hate with some harsh language of their own. One user said, “It's a hell of a lot of fun, and if you don't think so, you need to reexamine your definition of fun.” Another user, annoyed by the criticisms of the storefront, said that it's not a big deal and “if you don't want them, don't buy them.”

Other users are taking the criticism a step further and responding to the responses. “Over 80 dollars with of day 1 DLC? But 'Oh it's only cosmetic stuff.' At one point, devs would have added that sort of thing as unlockables, instead of pulling this money grab,” retorted one user.

While it's impossible to glean a critical consensus from the userbase, it's clear that fans have some strong feelings about Portal 2, for better or worse. When the dust settles, will the game be looked upon as fondly as its predecessor, or will the outcry leave Valve heading back to the drawing board?

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