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Portal 2 DLC Coming This September


Back in April we reported that Valve would be releasing free DLC for its impressive puzzler Portal 2. The add-on content was scheduled to launch in the summertime, and even though it's free, the developer assured gamers that it wouldn't be some tacky character skins or anything like that. No, the upcoming DLC, according to Valve, would be new test chambers and a challenge mode among other features.

Kotaku got a hold of the developer at Gamescom and gathered some information that's sure to please Portal 2 players. According to Valve's Doug Lombardi, gamers can expect the first wave of DLC to drop this September. That means Portal 2 players can expect some new in-game goodies after they go back to school or work.

I see a lot of angry faces in the crowd. You say you wanted to check out the new Portal 2 content before summer vacation ended? Hey, don't complain, the content is still coming out during summer. It may not be summer break, but it's still the summer season. Oh, Valve, you sly devil!

It's good to get a clearer picture for the upcoming Portal 2 DLC. It's also really cool that it's going to be free of charge. You can expect the new content to arrive sometime in mid-September.

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