Portal 2 puzzle maker updates to allow design of co-op test chambers

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It’s hard to get enough of Portal 2.  Just when you thought you were out, they release the free puzzle maker to suck you back in.  You’ve been the guinea pig for so long, being given the opportunity to be the puzzle crafter was a delightful change.

So alright, you made a few puzzles and ran your friends through them while laughing manically as they fail or die over and over again; look, we’ve all been there.  Maybe you’re still into it, perhaps you’re not.  Well, Portal 2 released yet another free addition to the ever popular game.  Valve has updated a co-op test chamber for your puzzle making desires.    

Now when you laugh manically at the failure of your friends, you can be there as part of the puzzle.  I foresee so much trolling.  Part of this update also includes a “Quick Play” feature which puts you into a random top rated user created puzzles.  As if that wasn’t enough, Valve is giving every current owner of Portal 2 on Steam a coupon for 75% to help being partners into the game. 

It’s time to crack open the puzzle maker again.

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