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Portal 2 Puzzle Creator...Just Sayin'

870826, the Portal 2 blog, just released a blog post discussing the Portal 2 Puzzle Creator. It looks like a lot of Portal 2 players that were trying their hardest to be GlaDOS was finding the tool set to be too complex. So what does the Portal 2 team do? Open that sh*t up! According to the blog, in the next major update to Portal 2, they are making it more fun and more simple to create and share the puzzles that you have floating around in that little human container of yours we call a head.

“The simplified puzzle creator will let players easily carve out their creations in a straightforward but powerful way. They'll then be able to immediately upload those levels to their Steam Cloud and share them with other players online. We're also building a community site to host all of these player-created puzzles. The site will allow players to quickly find new puzzles and add them to their game, ready to play, with a single click. Players will then be able to rate the puzzles they've played, leave comments to puzzle creators, and follow creators they like.”

Easier access to more people will make the Portal 2 community even stronger. I for one am very excited to see this new Puzzle Creator. I know my friends will think up some maniacal way for me to fail at these puzzles. Here's some screenshots of the Puzzle Creator “to get the ideas flowing.”

Portal 2 Puzzle Creator screenshot map editor

Portal 2 Puzzle Creator screenshot map editor

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