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Portable SNES SupaBoy Has Launched


Back in September, our own Vito Gesualdi previewed the SupaBoy, a portable SNES that actually worked. The device was pretty impressive, and it certainly seemed like something worth owning if you like collecting all kinds of video game things. Personally, my lack of a SNES is what made me really want one of these bad boys.

Well, Hyperkin has now made the SupaBoy widely available. You can snag your very own portable SNES for $79.99 on Amazon. Not a bad price when you consider the hard work it must have taken to develop this sweet handheld.

The SupaBoy has all the original SNES buttons, but you can also plug in two controllers if you wish (or if you want a second player to join in on the fun). Additionally, you can play both SNES and Super Famicom games, which is pretty sweet. There's also a headphone jack and AV out support, so there's that if you need it.

The SupaBoy's screen is 3.5 inches, which is pretty decent. At 2.5 hours, the battery life is pretty short, which is kind of a shame, but it is a handheld SNES player. The device may or may not be compatible with all SNES games, but it does play titles such as Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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