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Portable GameCube Is All Kinds of Awesome


It's always cool seeing what gamers can do with consoles. The SupaBoy is one of the more recent examples of ingenuity in console modding. I mean, just seeing that portable SNES in action is really cool.

Now, we have another awesome device. The GameCube Envision is, you guessed it, a handheld GameCube. You can check it out on YouTube, where user Tchay777 created a nice little music video showcasing his awesome creation.

I was a big fan of the GameCube, and I would love to own an Envision. I still have a handful of GameCube games that are totally unplayed, and I would most definitely like to fire up those puppies on this cool handheld.

Personally, I think Tchay777 should start making these things in bulk and selling them like the SupaBoy. I know I'd buy one ASAP. After all, I've got copies of Killer7 and Metroid Prime begging me to play them. And yes, I know I can easily play them on my Wii, but still

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