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Porsche expansion pack coming to Forza Motorsport 4

While the 30 cars that make up the Porsche Expansion Pack are certainly the centerpiece of the DLC, this is no mere car pack. You’ll also be able to take part in new Porsche-themed events for your single player career, as well as new achievements to earn along the way. In addition we’ve got a new batch of Porsche-centric Rivals Mode events that will launch on Tuesday. These events will be found both in the Community Monthly channel of Rivals Mode, as well as in the other channels within Rivals. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new Rivals Mode events you’ll be able to play on Tuesday:

911 Experience – Hot Lap Channel
Few automobile manufacturers are able to achieve the amount of success that Porsche has had throughout the life of 911. Choose your favorite 911 then hit the track to take down your rival in this A-Class event. Upgrades and Tuning are allowed within restrictions.

Formula Ferdinand – Drift Channel
The Porsche 993 GT2 was the first Porsche to enter into the North American professional drift circuit in 2008. Find out for yourself if this car was made to drift. Tuning and upgrades are allowed within restrictions.

The Porsche Cup – Spec Channel
Sebring International Raceway has long signaled the start of the American Le Mans Series and with the arrival of Porsche in Forza Motorsport 4 there is no better car to attack Sebring than the two-time ALMS champion Black Swan Racing #54 911 GT3 Cup.

The Gear Factor – TopGear Channel
The 911 GT2 RS is the most powerful street-legal Porsche in history, its twin-turbo engine pumping a whopping 641bhp straight to the rear tyres: no all-wheel drive security here. Can you keep tabs on the car they call ‘The Widowmaker’ around America’s wildest race circuit, and conquer the terrifying Corkscrew?

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