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PopTag! Enters Open Beta

January 26, 2010

PopTag! Enters Open Beta

Nexon America today announced that its new online water balloon game, PopTag!, has entered open beta and is now available for all users with a Nexon Passport. PopTag!’s open beta is accessible with no breaks in service allowing users to play when they have time throughout the day.

PopTag! is a 2-D arcade-style multiplayer game where players navigate a variety of multi-colored maps and battle each other, or NPCs (non-playable characters), with water-based weapons, such as water balloons, in a variety of game modes. PopTag! offers fast-paced game play in player-versus-player modes, or cooperative modes where gamers can join together to take on unique and deadly boss monsters and their minions. A “co-play” function is also available to users, allowing two players to play using a single keyboard.

Players can choose any of the eight characters and see which one suits their game-play style best. Additionally, they will have access to over 20 maps, with three themes, and can battle each other in PvP, or team up against a boss monster in Monster Mode.

Throughout beta, there will be several events that players can participate in and receive prizes. Players can also start collecting in-game items at a discounted rate using the in-game currency, Lucci. PopTag! will not be resetting the game after the beta, so all items obtained and stats will remain with the characters once the game goes live.

For more information on PopTag! and to start playing a game now, visit:

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