Popsicle Showdown -- for gamers that get off on watching anime chicks eat ice cream

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So there's this game on Android called Popsicle Showdown. It's developed by Studio Pantisniff. You get where this is going.

In the game, you play a businessman on lunch break in a park. You spot a busty, scantily clad girl on a park bench, so you decide to purchase a popsicle and slip it between her lips. Yea... that's the game. And mainstream media has a problem with shooters. 

If you really want to go the full monty, you can purchase the $2.65 version of the game instead of the free version. Buying the game makes it uncensored. Your arm holding the popsicle will become transparent so you can see her cleavage jiggle and watch her hand wiggle between her thighs. Sigh... (not a creepy sigh; a disappointed with humanity sigh).


Today Grand Theft Auto 5 released -- a crowning achievement in video games. And then there's crap like this to compare to it. I don't want to hear anyone complaining about sexism or misogyny in GTA anymore, not when a game like this exists.

Oh, and she like ice cream. In case that point didn't get across.

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