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Popcorn Arcade Presents Crazy Mini Golf on Nintendo Wii

October 31, 2008

Popcorn Arcade Presents Crazy Mini Golf on Nintendo Wii

“Even the future leaders of the free world play crazy mini golf”

If the presidential campaign was waged out on a crazy golf course, who would putt the most balls? Who would manage to sneak past the windmill and ultimately take the crazy mini golf trophy? In Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf’, you can create your character, grab your putter and prepare to lead America..... or just the golf course to begin with....!

Why not call a few mates round, grab your putters, choose your characters and aim for the entrance to the windmill in a multi-player game of Crazy Mini Golf?

Data Design Interactive – a successful video games publisher and games developer, are pleased to announce that the street date and price structure for their Nintendo Wii game entitled ‘Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf’ to be released on their Popcorn Arcade label, The game will ship in England on 7th November and the UK price will be standalone version 19,99 and bundle pack with putter peripheral 24,99.

Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf’ offers players 72 crazy holes set over 4 wacky courses... Have fun and a lot of laughs creating customized Kidz Sports versions of you and your friends to play in game as DDI roll out the first title using their all new ‘NuYu’ character editor. In multiplayer modes your opponents will also appear in game and can cheer or taunt your play on the green.

The game has the most accurate golf swing of any Wii title, where the smallest and the most accurate of movements are perfectly simulated. This is a real challenge for a skilled player or a serious golfer. DDI also recognize that mini golfing is fun and in case your non- golfing auntie also wants to play, `Kids Sports Crazy Mini Golf` also has a simpler, arcade style fast-play mode. Play 9 or 18 holes, multiplayer with friends, or solo and try to beat your best, or the world’s best scores for each hole. Lots of challenges and lots of fun. Once mastered, you will feel like a putting green King…

Take your putting to the next level with Kidz Sports: Crazy Mini Golf.
DDI’s brand new NuYu editor lets you put yourself in the game by creating customizable characters that fit your personality. You can then use those characters in compatible NuYu games and even save them to your Wii Remote to take to a friend’s house.

About NuYu?
A NuYu (pronounced New-You) is a customizable player character editor exclusive for the Popcorn Arcade Wii range. NuYu’s are customizable and allow the user to capture a likeness, caricature or personality of themselves and others.
After specifying a gender for the NuYu, the user can alter the shape of the NuYu’s head, its eyes, hair, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. In addition, the creator can give the NuYu glasses or facial hair as he/she desires, or give the face wrinkles, makeup or rosy cheeks. You can also add glasses and other fun accessories.

Many of the features can be fine-tuned by adjusting their size, position, and rotation to the center of the NuYu’s face. . NuYu’s are intended to be an extension of the player, and in keeping with the Popcorn Arcade spirit of ‘Family Family Fun’, the user will be able to use their NuYu’s in future Data Design titles for the Wii.

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