PopCap releases Solitaire Blitz on Facebook

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EA's PopCap Games has opened Solitaire Blitz to the public on Facebook this month.

The spin on the traditional game of Solitaire challenges players to match cards in 60-second bursts. Players set sail and collect sunken treasure as they complete rounds. A description of the game follows from PopCap:

What do a friendly mermaid, a seven-armed octopus, and a seahorse named Gene have in common? Besides being impossibly adorable, they all appear in PopCap's latest Facebook game, Solitaire Blitz™.

Dive into uncharted waters with Pearl, Noodles, and a host of other colorful characters on a treasure hunt for rare artwork and priceless antiques. Match cards quickly and score big to top the leaderboard, and share the wealth with friends. You've never played solitaire like this — it's a fast, fun, social event!

Will you set a new high score?

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