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Pop-A-Tronic now available on AppStore

April 10, 2009

Pop-A-Tronic now available on AppStore

Big Blue Bubble is excited to announce that Pop-A-Tronic is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store! If you've ever found yourself in the office supplies room, wrapped head to toe in bubble wrap, deliriously rolling on the cold cement floor and popping away, then you are in luck. Pop-a-Tronic for iPhone is the answer to your dirty, guilty pleasure. Powered by GarageGames new iTorque engine, Pop-a-Tronic is an addicting bubble-popping romp based on the casual game for PC and Mac. Cool gameplay features such as the Charge Bomb and Color Transmutation Device, make this a must own for iPhone gamers everywhere. Pop-A-Tronic is priced at $1.99 and every customer will also receive full version of PC or MAC game totally free ($20 value) !!!

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