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POP: making convenient all-purpose multi charging hubs better

So you know those ‘charge stations’ at airport gate waiting areas?  You know how people stack on top of each other trying to get at that pole to plug in their laptop or iPod touch?  Well with this new Kickstarter product those days will either be dwindling or people are going to try to bum some battery from you with one of these bad boys.  The future is called the “POP” and it’s a multi-USB, battery, charging, hub.

The boys at  Edison Junior Design Laboratory are hoping for some support for this multipurpose charging unit.  Basically you charge the POP and then you have 25,000 mAh available for some portable charging goodness.  Just how much is 25,000 mAh?  Glad you asked.  View the image below:


So it’s, THAT much.  The POP can charge anything that uses micro-USB and any iPod / iPad / iPhone device.  There are a total of four devices that can be charged at once.  A lovely little feature is that all the cords you need are supplied, attached, and retractable all within the POD itself; so no fear of losing the wires or forgetting your own to charge your favorite device(s).  The very bottom of the POP has a meter so you can see how much juice is left.

I personally view this thing as genius, especially if you travel a lot or spend a lot of time by the ole’ pool.  It could also be great for shutting up your kids for long car rides.  Watch the video below.

“Even the Mayor of Maui thought our POP was awesome” –James Siminoff (co-founder) 

[Kickstarter via Engadget]

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