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Poor Choice of Words in Battlefield 3 Will Get You Banned


Battlefield 3 platoon leaders be careful when writing you platoon presentation text.  One slip up in your presentation can result in the ban hammer crashing down on you and all involved with your platoon.

According to reddit user Blueadder01, EA has suspended the platoon for 72 hours because of an inappropriate platoon presentation.  The text which read, "We kill b*tches for fun" resulted in a 72 hour ban for the leader and anyone ranked up in the platoon.  The "i" of course is uncensored in their version.

The lesson to be learned here is be smart with word choice and be careful when joining a platoon.

While the leadership did use a poor choice in words, the overall consensus seems to be EA is focusing on the wrong type of bans.  While cheaters and hackers run free, those who use some PG-13 language in an "M" rated game are banned.

I think the original poster said it best:  "So in a game where you slit peoples throats and the characters run around shouting phrases like “I took that fucker out!” and “That mother fucker is dead!” to "We are getting our shit pushed in." Having something in a platoon text such as We kill bitches for fun gets you banned from the game for 72 hours?"

Apparently, this isn't the first person to be suspended for using the word that really refers to a female dog.  Reddit user K0NFUSION reported a similar issue of being banned on the forums for "using the word 'b*tch'".

The overall feeling seems to be "If they say it in the game, why can't I say it in the forums, or in my platoon presentation?" 

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