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Pole to Launch "The 4th Coming" in Europe

Pole to Launch "The 4th Coming" in Europe

Montreal, June 10, 2003 - Vircom announced today that Pole, SARL has acquired the operation license of its world-acclaimed MMORPG "The 4th Coming", previously held until December 2002 by French operator GOA. The new operator has signed an exclusive license for France, Switzerland and Belgium to operate servers in French.

After several months of negotiation with Paris-based operator Pole, Vircom has signed the exclusive European license and is now helping the new operator set up its service. "We are very happy to have finally come to an agreement with Pole", says Sylvain Durocher, President and CEO of Vircom. "We are convinced that Pole will offer European T4C fans a good service and a great gaming experience".

Pole is currently preparing the official launch of the game, scheduled for July 2003. "T4C players from all over French-speaking Europe are in for a great surprise" states Khac-Tuyen Dinh, president of Pole, SARL. "We have planned every aspect of the service to be efficient, fun and simple. And we even added a few surprises", added Mr. Dinh, referring to the new add-ons released by Vircom last summer.

About Pole

As a strong Internet application developer, Pole has decided to broaden its activities by offering massively multiplayer online games (MMOG). Vircom's The 4th Coming is the first persistent world offered by Pole. Other RPGs will be launched later on as the company evolves.

About T4C

"The 4th Coming" is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) designed by Vircom and first released in 1998. It soon became one of the most popular of its genre with hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic players worldwide enjoying its numerous adventures and quests. Today, the game is in operation in ten countries and five languages and has become a real cult for MMORPG enthusiasts.

About Vircom

Since 1994, Vircom specializes in advanced Internet infrastructure and client-server solutions. Last year, the company has ceased MMORPG development to focus on its core business, secure messaging and anti-spam solutions. However, Vircom has vowed to continue offering operation licenses of its world-renown MMORPG "The 4th Coming" at players' general request.

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