Pokkén Tournament won't be limited to fighting-type Pokémon

 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT Screenshot - 1169218

It was recently revealed that Tekken and Pokémon are crossing over into each other's worlds and creating Pokkén Tournament (the name is literally a mix of both of those titles).

All that was revealed was that it is an arcade fighter, exclusive to Japan and it's coming from the devs behind Tekken (and of course The Pokémon Company). We can agree on one thing, that's not enough details on this maginificent creation.

Pokkén Tournament enthusiasts quickly took Twitter to ask Katsuhiro Harada, the Game Director and Producer of Tekken, questions on what to expect from the game. One of the questions asked was whether or not Pokkén Tournament's fighters (Pokémon) will only fighting type Pokémon. The answer is no:

You can head over to his Twitter and ask your own questions, or stay up to date on what everyone else is asking him.

Were you excited by this reveal? Let me know!

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