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Pokemon Games Will Remain on Nintendo Consoles, Not Mobile


Gamers have been confused as of late regarding the announcement of a Pokemon app for mobile devices. If you thought Nintendo was going to start easing up on their past feelings toward mobile gaming, that's not the case. The Big N recently gave a statement clearing up any confusion that might have occured as a result of the upcoming Pokemon mobile app.

Titled Pokemon Say Tap? BW, the free iPhone and Android app caused some people to think that Nintendo may be trying out mobile game design. And though the game is a rhythm-based spin-off rather than a complete game, Nintendo was quick to address the speculation.

"On July 1, the Pokemon Company announced that it was launching a free Android and iOS application in Japan called 'Pokemon leTap? BW," Nintendo of America stated to GiantBomb. "The Pokemon Company routinely launches applications for cell phones and PCs as a way to promote its non-video game products, such as a music CD and Pokemon Trading Card Game cards in this instance. Since they are purely intended as promotional tools, not as unique video games, Nintendo is not involved in any way."

So there you have it, folks. Nintendo still isn't keen on developing games for mobile phones. But the Pokemon Company does promote its franchise with side projects such as Pokemon Say Tap? BW.

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