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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You will come to Disney XD after its theatrical release

If you don't make it to theaters, that's OK.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You is going back to the past to retell the origin story of how Ash met Pikachu, and for those who might not be able to make it to the film's limited two-day run next weekend, there's another solution. The movie will air three weeks after the theatrical run on Disney XD after the premiere of two new Sun and Moon episodes. 

This will all go down on Saturday, November 25th at 9 AM EST when the anime episodes air, followed by the movie at 10 AM. The anime episodes seem to be inadvertently compensating for the fact that the film replaces Brock and Misty with two new characters, as they feature an arc with Kanto's first two gym leaders. Verity and Sorrel, whom old-school fans will likely pretend never happened, replace Brock and Misty in the film.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You hits theaters next weekend on November 5th and runs only until the 6th.


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