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Pokemon Snap is Now Available on the Wii U Virtual Console

Pokemon Snap brought to the digital era of gaming, here's how you get it

If you're anyone who played a Nintendo 64, you probably remember Pokemon Snap fondly. What's not to love about taking pictures of Pokemon in their natural environment? Well luckily, it's no longer a thing of the past. No, we're not getting a new Pokemon Snap, but it is coming to Nintendo's Virtual Console in the US.

That's right, everyone's favorite childhood pastime, Pokemon Snap, is finally making its way to the United States Virtual Console. Snap pictures of Pokemon, gain points for different poses, and reminisce in that nostalgic music, all without having to hunt down a rare copy of the old cartridge and a working Nintendo 64 console.

For those who somehow don't know, Pokemon Snap was a game where players would follow a set course through the wild and take pictures of the Pokemon that lived there. Throughout the game, you could get new items to interact with the Pokemon differently, allowing for different and more varied shots, giving the six levels (not including the final level that only has one Pokemon) a good amount of replayability.

In other interesting Pokemon Snap news, someone actually got the game to work on a 3DS and even on the Oculus Rift.

The game is available now and can be found right here.

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