Pokemon Black and White 2 to launch on DS

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It's going to be a year since Pokemon Black and White launched on the Nintendo DS. Those games were, for all intents and purposes, excellent RPGs, and awesome new additions to the long-running series. I loved Pokemon White so much that I awarded it with a nice little score of 9 / 10 in my review.

We can expect more monster-hunting goodness soon, because the official Pokemon website has confirmed the next dual releases in the series. Rather than revamping a past title or creating an entirely new set of games, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are going to release direct sequels to Pokemon Black and White.

Considering just how good the last two games were, I'm really stoked about this news. The gameplay had some nice tweaks and additions, and the story was excellent. The fact that we're going to get a direct follow-up brings a lot of joy to my gamer heart, and I can't wait to play the game for myself.

Surprisingly, the games will be released for the DS, not the 3DS. I'm not sure if fans will react very positively to that, but I mean, it's more Pokemon. Be happy folks. Sadly, that's all we know about Pokemon Black and White 2 so far. Stay tuned for more info on the games, as the Pokemon website stated that we'll be getting screens, videos, and details "soon."

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