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Pocket RPG Headed to iPad, iPhone in February


The mobile dungeon crawler Pocket RPG is getting closer to its February launch on the iPad and iPhone. The game allows you to play as three different characters, each of which utilizes either ranged, melee, or magic combat skills. The game is set to feature gameplay typical of the genre, so expect to face hordes of enemies, big boss battles, and stat management. There will also be leaderboards for competitive gamers to climb and special objectives to complete.

Pocket RPG will feature two modes: Arcade Play and Rogue Play. Arcade is a more streamlined mode with save points, so that you won't have to start all over when you meet your demise. Rogue will be for the hard-boiled dungeon crawler buffs who feed off of the panic that these types of games create and will feature no save points. This mode will likely go hand-in-hand with the game's leaderboard.

Pocket RPG will initially launch on the iPad in February, and the iPhone release will follow shortly after.


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