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Playstation Vita Titles Leaked - We Take a Look


Given this new dynamic known as "viral marketing," it's often hard to tell whether a supposed news leak is actually a blunder or just some silly PR shenanigans. Either way, Sony left the projector on at their Tokyo Game Show press conference, and we've now got a big ol' list of upcoming Vita releases. Let's take a look...

Final Fantasy X - Well there you go, the Vita has its killer app, and it is a remake of... not Final Fantasy VII? And a billion fanboys cried out in anguish. Still, a remake of probably the best post-FFVII fantasy (although VIII is a personal favorite), and something I can imagine will look damn sick given the HD treatment. Final Fantasy X on Vita... honestly didn't see that coming.

Ys - Celcea, Sea of Trees - Though the Ys series isn't too hot in North America, it's actually a really fun franchise, and the PSP installments have mostly been fantastic. This one is a remake of the fort game, but seems to be taking its cues from the recent Ys Seven, which is awesome.

Katamari Damacy no Vita - Hey, more fun ball rolling! Though this series kind of outlived its fun factor a few sequels in, I'm sure somebody is excited for more of the same.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Team Ninja continues to milk their wildly popular Ninja Gaiden title, originally released all the way back in 2004. However, as someone who never beat Ninja Gaiden (or Ninja Gaiden Black, or Ninja Gaiden Sigma) I can say this will probably be one of the titles I'm most looking forward to carrying around in my pocket.

Browser Sangokushi - We know nothing about this game, though it appears to be a free-to-play MMO? Very interesting to see how the world of micro-transactions will play out on the Vita. We can only assume this will be a downloadable title.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Definitely a big surprise, and a welcome one. Nintendo launched their 3DS with Street Fighter 4, though I've gotta say this is way more exciting.

Cave Shooting Game - Great name there guys. The title obviously isn't set in stone, but famed Japanese developers Cave will be bringing their technical prowess to the Vita. Shooter fans rejoice.

Shirotsuku DX - Again, what is this? Apparently another Cave title, one claimed to be a "social game." Like... farmville? What?

Lumines Electronic Symphony - One of the best puzzle games of last generation was birthed on the PSP, and this addictive rhythm block-puzzler now makes an appearance on the Vita.

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition - The Metal Gear games, in high-definition, in my pocket. As much as I love Metal Gear, I will say I often need total concentration for some of the stealth sequences, something not easy to find on a public bus or other portable gaming situation. Still, I can see myself sinking into an easy chair with my Vita and a copy of this content-packed release.

Zone of the Enders HD Edition - This one is sad, only because I'd much rather have a new Zone of the Enders game rather than a repackaging of the so-so first game and the "holy crap best robot game ever" sequel. I wonder if the crappy GBA tactics game will make an appearance?

Gravity Daze - Something about gravity. Always exciting.

Escape Plan - Not sure what this is. Could be a spin-off of Taito's Exit.

Rayman Origins - They're still making Rayman games? Weird.

Malicious - Sounds scary. Some have suggested this could be a possible sequel to Square Enix's Lord of Arcana.

Anyhow, there's some of our first impressions. We'll be bringing you guys more Vita news as it breaks!

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