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PlayStation Vita TV not yet planned for U.S., can 'technically' stream PS3 games

PS Vita TV

Sony has no plans as of yet to release PlayStation Vita TV in the United States or Europe. The intriguing little device that allows Vita and PSP games to be played on the big screen was revealed a few days ago, but only for Japan. Although Sony has plans to release it in other countries, the U.S. and European markets haven't been confirmed yet.

PlayStation Vita TV will launch on November 14, 2013 in Japan, and will trickle into other Asian markets -- China, South Korea, etc. -- shortly thereafter.

Another takeaway from the roundtable with SCE CEO Andrew House was that the PS Vita TV is "technically" capable of supporting PS3 titles through the same cloud-based streaming available to the PS4. It certainly makes sense given the Vita TV can stream games from the fancier PS4, but this is the first we've heard of it working with the PS3.

[Nikkei via Engadget]

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