PlayStation Vita Software Update 1.50 Released

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With the PlayStation Vita on the verge of release in Japan, Sony has released its first firmware update.  Software update 1.50 is ready to go the moment users purchase and power up their Vita.  While all of the features aren't confirmed, Sony did mention that it enhances the security features on the portable device.

Sony Japan has listed a step by step instruction guide on how to update the PlayStation Vita using Wi-Fi, PS3 network function, PC network, or Vita card data.  The instructions can be found on Sony's official firmware update page.

You can probably also find update instructions in the recently released PS Vita manual, which was also released today.

The PlayStation Vita is set to release in Japan on Saturday, December 17th, while those in the U.S. and Europe must wait until February 22, 2012.  Sources have claimed that Sony has added an additional 200,000 PlayStation Vita units to be shipped due to massive pre-order demands in Japan.

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