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Playstation Vita Launch Title 'Unit 13' Announced


The PlayStation Vita's launch line-up has been a source of intrigue for many gamers, with Sony staying rather tight-lipped on what games will be available day one. Thankfully the official PlayStation blog has spilled the beans on what looks to be a very exciting release,  a third-person shooter being developed by the same studio responsible for the SOCOM series. 

Unit 13 definitely looks much like a single-player SOCOM, with players tackling 36 different missions while playing as one of six variously skilled operatives. As explained by Brian Soderberg, president of Zipper Interactive, the game takes full advantage of the Vita's two thumbsticks, and his emphasis on this seems a subtle jab at Nintendo's 3DS, which is notably lacking that crucial second stick. He also mentions that the game will take advantage of the Vita's front and back touch panels as part of the game, though did not provide details on how this would be implemented.

Most excitingly though are the details on the game's networking capabilities. Not only does the game allow for co-op play, but players are also ranked across a variety of leaderboards. Additionally, completing a mission in the tougher "High Value Target" mode, unlocks that stage for NEAR play, allowing nearby Vita users to download and play the game.

Honestly, a lot of the language in the release is pretty vague, leaving some questions unanswered. Though based on this post alone, it seem as if the game won't have:

  • Online co-op play
  • Co-op play with NEAR
  • Deathmatch multiplayer
  • A dating-sim minigame

We can forgive most of that list, but no dating? Forget this noise.


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