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PlayStation Vita gets unofficial 20% price cut, now $326

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Slumping PlayStation Vita sales have led to unofficial price cuts from retailers in Japan.  Some retailers are selling Sony's new PS Vita 3G version for as much 20% off the original price in order to move units.

GamesRadar has reported that the 20% price reduction now takes the price of the console down to 24,999 Yen - or approximately £209/$326.  Still expensive, but much more reasonable. This price reduction comes after Play-Asia, a popular online shopping store for the latest Japanese, Hong Kong, and Asian video games and accessories, dropped the price of the PS Vita import by roughly $75.

PlayStation Vita price cut

Overall, launch sales numbers for the PS Vita have been less than impressive, with the handheld selling 320,000 units in its opening weekend before stumbling in its second weekend.  Following its release, sales dropped 78%, with retailers only able to sell 72,000 units compared to 482,200 Nintendo 3DS units.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the price of the PlayStation Vita will be reduced ahead of its worldwide release in February.  Although, given the surging sales of one of its main competitors, the Nintendo 3DS, we could see an early price reduction here in the U.S. shortly after its release. 

Currently, the PS Vita is slated for a U.S. release on February 22, 2012 where you can get the Wi-Fi version for $249.99, or the Vita with the Wi-Fi and 3G for $299.99.  If you do plan on getting a PS Vita at launch, you may be interested in checking out the recently leaked document detailing the Vita's launch line-up and prices (via Destructoid). 

Likewise, if you plan on getting the 3G Vita, you may want to check out AT&T's price plan for the 3G model.  According to our discoveries, AT&T will be charging the same price per month for the Vita data plans as they do for the 3G-enabled iPads.

Once again, prices for the 3G data plan has turned off fans who are already angered by the price of the Vita's games and memory cards.  In my opinion, everything is just too expensive.  In this economy, it's not so easy to party with $300 for a handheld, when you can get much more on a home console and great games on mobile devices.

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