PlayStation Vita gets firmware update 1.52

PS Vita Screenshot - PS Vita Touchscreen

The PlayStation Vita got its third firmware update, second since its release about a month ago.  Over the weekend the PS Vita firmware was updated from 1.51 to version 1.52.

Before you get too excited, the new update is very small and doesn't introduce anything too spectacular.  Similar to the previous update, 1.52 seems to be a small bug fix.

Sony hasn't released official details on what the update fixes, but many users are reporting it fixes a sim card recognition issue from the 1.51 update.  With the 1.51 update, some users were reporting that the 3G version of the Vita wasn't recognizing the sim card.  Thanks to this update, that should now be fixed.

What do you think of the second post-release firmware update?  I know some of you are hoping for more, but now that we are one step closer to a 2.0 update, we should soon hear some pretty big news from Sony as far as features for the PS Vita.


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