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PlayStation Plus' first ever TV Spot


In four years, PlayStation Plus has quickly become one of the better video game deals one can get. With free games and discounts offered monthly through the Instant Game Collection, cloud storage, and online multiplayer support, PlayStation owners have quite the service available to them. Heck, just over these past few months we've gotten BioShock InfiniteMetro: Last Light, Remember Me, Outlast, and Don't Starve for free. But the strange thing is there's still a large number of PlayStation owners who are unaware of the benefits of PS Plus -- so Sony has released today the very first TV spot for PS Plus.

"Today, I’m delighted to show you our very first TV spot for PS Plus, which debuts this week and celebrates the fact that with PS Plus you can experience more together," added SCEA brand marketing senior VP Guy Longworth.

Although Sony doesn't disclose the number of PS Plus subscribers, the company revealed a 90 percent increase in subscriptions since the launch of the PS4. Sony also confirmed that over half of PS4 owners subscribe to PS Plus, likely due to the fact that you need PS Plus to play games online with the PS4.

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