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PlayStation Now 'is a joke,' says Pachter. He's wrong.


Sometimes video game analyst Michael Pachter offers really good insight on a subject. Other times he just says some boneheaded things. In the latest GameInformer (March 2014 issue), Pachter weighed in on PlayStation Now, Sony's recently revealed service that allows select PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to be streamed to various connected devices. And what did he have to say about the extremely innovative service?

"PlayStation Now is a joke," he told the magazine.

"There is no publisher that is going to license content that's less than two-years old because they would be concerned that they can't sell as many copies if they make it available for subscription or rental," he explained. "This has no prayer of working. None."

I think Pachter is missing the point with PlayStation Now. The service isn't about offering the latest PlayStation 4 games. Perhaps he missed the part that PlayStation now is about offering older, classic PlayStation games from the PS1 and PS2 era. Even PS3 games are going to be offered, The Last of Us being one of them.

With no backwards compatibility offered on the PlayStation 4 -- or even most PS3 models -- this will provide gamers a way to replay their old games and solve their nostalgic cravings. And that's what makes this service so intriguing and exciting. As for his comment regarding publishers not wanting to license games less than two-years old, Sony already has a program for that as well. It's called PlayStation Plus, and it's a pretty damn good service.

To be fair, Pachter is only an analyst. He's paid to give his opinion, and sometimes I agree with him; but, in this case it seems very uninformed.

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