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PlayStation Home Offline Tomorrow for Scheduled Maintenace


PS3's PlayStation Home will be offline for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, October 20th at 8AM BST.

The update will contain some spooks as PlayStation 3 gamers will find even more Halloween costumes available.  Gamers can visit the 'Featured Items’ shop in Home Square or the Navigator to find some old classics and some new treats ranging from Demons, Skeletal Warriors and Orcs through to some grisly animated weapons such as a poison sword or a flaming axe.

PlayStation Home costumes

Konami is also re leasing Red Pyramid, BUbble Head Nurse, and Robbie the Rabbit from their popular franchise Silent Hill.

silent hill playstation home

Also includedin this update is pint-sized Li'l Bling Reaper, ideal for those who feel they deserve to be stalked by a better class of Death.  Li'l Bling is available this week fromt eh nDreams boutique.

According to sources, there's an "Extra special Lockwood Gift Machine update this week too.  Some dark and dangerous Mechjets have made an appearance in the Machine. Epic and Glory have all the same awesome special moves as their store-bought counterparts, but these Mechs can be sent to your friends! Dazzle your friends with a display of generosity and then remind them you’re a smart cookie too by sending a Theodolite – a beautiful antique measuring device."

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