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PlayStation Home: Extreme Makeover Edition


The bad news is that at 7am tomorrow, November 3rd, the PlayStation Home will be taken down for maintenance.  The good news is that when it comes back up it will be revamped.  Your Home Square is getting redone and a “districts” design will aid players in finding games, folk, and places that fit your favorite types of games.  The philosophy behind this is to create the largest casual gaming community.  The four districts are: Action, Sportswalk, Adventure and Indie Park – each area is designed to have interactive content.  These districts are intended for you to be around like minded gamers.  At closer look at these districts:



Rocking the city / urban look, the Action District focuses around action, shooter, and horror games.  Within this district is free to play Bootlegger ’29.  This game is set in the Roaring Twenties, is a FPS with cops vs. robbers, takes place during prohibition, uses vintage weapons, and has unlockable rewards.


This district reminds me of the ultimate furnished basement.  Here you can share your sporting games achievements with others while you play darts, poker, or pool.  This region also has sport themed games, quizzes, and trivia.


As titled, this district will be focused around adventure themed games.  At launch of the new Home, UNCHARTED 3 themed.  There will be a recreation of the Yemen multiplayer mode including weapons and gameplay inspired by the game.

Indie Park:

Here is where the talented developers have room to show off.   Players can experience unique gameplay of indie game creators.  So far players can enjoy Espionage 9, Gnome Curling, and Los Penguini Brothers.  This district has a barrage of unique games to experience.

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