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Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4

With Watch Dogs out in just a few more weeks, it's only natural for PlayStation to pimp out some marketing for the game, especially since Ubisoft has some sweet exclusive missions planned for the PS4. However, I think is using a bit of false advertising in this case.

As is now standard practice for Sony, most of their games run in full 1080p native resolution and in 60fps, and they like to remind people of that. However, in Watch Dogs' case, it's not quite true. 

During my hands-on time with the game at Ubisoft HQ, I noticed a few TVs running the game at a much smoother framerate than mine. Being completely ignorant about TV refresh rates and settings, I was explained that some of the TVs weren't set up correctly and that they're showing smoother frames, but as a result are also showing a lot of ghosting. I was then assured that the game runs natively in 30 frames per second, and was told that this was done in order to keep the quality of the graphics high.

Unless Ubisoft changed their minds last minute and decided to up the game's framerate, I would take that piece of marketing with a grain of salt. I've reached out Ubisoft for a statement, and I'll be sure to update this newspiece once they respond.

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