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'PlayStation Cloud' domains registered by Gaikai


All of the rumors and speculation surrounding the Sony, the PlayStation 4, and Gaikai will soon come to fruition. On the eve of Sony's big New York event, where we're expected to witness the announcment of the PS4, a new discovery regarding Gaikai and something referred to as the "PlayStation Cloud" has been unearthed. 

Gaikai, the cloud-based gaming platform that was acquired by Sony back in July, has registered several domains related to PlayStation Cloud. According to Whois data, Gaikai registered domain names "", "", and "" on February 15th. 

The discovery comes on the heels of a rumor that claimed the PlayStation 4 could use Gaikai to stream PlayStation 3 games. Of course, the cloud could refer to something much larger than just streaming old PS3 games -- perhaps all PS4 games? Sony has been tight-lipped regarding tomorrow's event, but we do expect there will be some type of announcement regarding Gaikai and its technological use in the PS4 -- especially in light of this recent discovery.

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