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PlayStation chief Kaz Hirai getting promoted to CEO of Sony


Kaz Hirai is best known to gamers as the guy who thought we cared about a PSP port of Ridge Racer:

Though when Kaz isn't standing on stage failing to channel a Steve Jobs-level of crowd frenzy, he's busy acting as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, the electronics giant's gaming branch, responsible for all things PlayStation. At least that's what he used to be busy with, though it now seems that Mr. Hirai will have a lot more on his plate, with Japanese news reporting that he'll be soon taking over as CEO & president of Sony.  

The move seems a bit odd, given that under Harai's leadership the PlayStation brand has floundered, with the PlayStation 3 lagging behind in hardware sales, the PSPgo having failed outright, while much-hyped motion peripheral the PlayStation Move now seemingly dead in the water. Sony is definitely going through some tough times in all their divisions, and it'll be interesting to see if this Ridge Racer fanatic can turn it around.

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