PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC characters 'Kat and Emmet' free for two weeks

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Sony would like to reward their fans for voting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as the “Best Fighting Game” at the DICE Awards by offering two new characters for free. Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk have joined the ranks of PlayStation All-Stars today. So instead of paying $4.99 for the characters individually, why not just download them free for the next two weeks?

This isn’t any sort of Sony trick or trial either. Once these characters are downloaded, they are downloaded forever. This is a gift from Sony to you. Just take it, stop questioning it; give love, receive love. Once these first two weeks end, the characters will go on sale for regular price.

Kat works as a close range, combo heavy character, with fast movements, gravity attacks, and even black holes for wholesome goodness. Emmett features the “Build and Battle” quality found in Starhawk; we’re talking drop down shotguns, structures, turrets, an AP-building Rift Extractor, and even a Hawk Mech. These two new characters will definitely add a completely new level to the 4-person slug matches. Speaking of new levels, there is also a new “Fearless” map based on Heavenly Sword. In ranked play it’s free, but for offline or player matches it costs $1.99.


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