PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Confirmed

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Earlier this evening, GameTrailers TV featured a piece on the long-rumored, hugely hinted at PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, basically Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Obviously, the game has a few keys differences, but the concept remains largely the same. Pick from a large cast of Sony first party characters (and some third party favorites), fight in familiar locales from the universes' of said characters, fight to the death. Repeat.

Even if the concept is the same, I did notice a few key differences:

  • Everyone has a super gauge, and there are three distinctly different levels of supers. For example, Kratos' level one is just a powerful slash attack, whereas his level three increases him in size, makes him several times stronger and gives him the armor from the end of God of War
  • The action didn't seem quite as fast as the Smash series, but that could work in its favor, requiring much more careful planning of attacks.

The game is due out this holiday season. In the mean time, you can check out the footage below!

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