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PlayStation 4's #PS4noDRM campaign entering 'final push', also targets Xbox One


Last week, gamers came together to unite against speculation that the PlayStation 4 could contain some form fo anti-used game technology. Under the slogans of "#PS4NoDRM" and "PS4USEDGAMES," gamers made their voice heard on social media websites like Twitter and NeoGAF. We don't yet know if it caused Sony to rethink any possible thoughts of restricting used games on its next-gen console -- or if there were any plans to begin with -- but the movement definitely caught the eye of Sony officials -- and even Microsoft officials took notice.

Looking to build off of last week's momentum, the group -- led by NeoGAF's famousmortimer -- is entering what I was told is "phase two" of the campaign. And this time, the current plan is to expand the anti-DRM hashtag to Xbox One, as well.

"The current plan is to get the 2 hashtags #PS4NoDRM and #XBOXONENoDRM trending on twitter on the 5TH June starting at 8AM EST/1PM GMT/2PM UK and throughout the weekend leading up to E3," I was told by campaign member who wished to remain anonymous.

"We've spread the word and contacted as many gaming/press sites as possible. We've also got the message out through supporters on twitter to get as many people as possible participating. We believe that with E3 on the horizon it is important to make a second push and let our voices be heard again."

Overall, the second push will target Sony, Microsoft, and third party publishers. In addition to the Twitter campaigns, the group has set up two individual websites to combat DRM: one for the PS4, and another for the Xbox One. Currently, the group is working on an open letter that can be tweeted out by visitors of the corresponding sites. The Sony one can be found here, while the group is currently working on one for Microsoft.

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