PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun getting its first DLC: Heroes

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Developer Housemarque today announced the first piece of downloadable content for Resogun, their refreshingly hectic PS4 exclusive.

Resogun: Heroes will add two new modes and a patch to the existing game. While the second mode remains a mystery, the studio has revealed that the first addition is Survival, which has taken a page out of the rogue-lite book and limits your run to one life. It’s a fight for the highest score, increased by completing full day and night cycles in-game.

Survival mode will also affect the basics of the game, adding in new enemies, visual effects, sounds and music. In addition, the little green humans that function as a resource of sorts will now drop more often. They will also now float toward the ground via parachute, and need only be picked up to add to your score. No more drop-zones.

Heroes does not yet have a price or release date, but having led the charge as one of the PS4’s most surprising but beloved launch titles, Resogun will likely make an appearance during Sony’s E3 conference later today. With any luck, those blanks will be filled in at that time.

Heck, Housemarque said the DLC is so good that “you almost forget how good the original was,” after all (the original that we gave a 9/10, by the way.)

[IGN via Gematsu]

Austin Wood
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