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PlayStation 2 game Blazing Souls Accelate appears on App Store

Blazing Souls Accelate

We're used to seeing big price tags on role-playing games when Square Enix releases titles on the App Store, but now a different company is charging a premium fee.

HyperDevbox Japan has brought the PlayStation 2 game Blazing Souls Accelate to iOS. Developer Idea Factory's tactical-RPG has migrated to other platforms since its release in 2006, including Xbox 360, PSP, and Android (that version costs $12.85).

Players should find plenty of content, though, in the promised 100 hours. Accelate, which borrows the name of the PSP and later Android release, features 80 playable characters and both 3D and 2D graphics.

Not counting Square Enix's RPGs, this isn't the only expensive game you can find on the App Store. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition costs $10 and delivers roughly 80 hours of play, and Cave's shoot-em-ups are often pricey as well.

It seems hard to justify, but despite the differences in release dates, these games typically sold for much more on consoles or PC.

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[via Pocket Gamer]

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