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Playmate Pamela Horton interviews Senior Producer Matt Powers for Aliens: Colonial Marines


I am both filled with hopeful nostalgia and learned hesitation when it comes to a new Aliens game. As a wee little Andrew, I absolutely loved James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens; I watched the movie a million times and I had all the action figures. Aliens was my s#$%. I honestly don’t know what it was about that movie but I was obsessed, all children have one. Now, my hesitation towards Aliens: Colonial Marines is that I’ve never played a good Aliens game – ever. So far from what I’ve seen I’m very hopeful for A:CM but I’ve been duped before.

The most recent interview I watched between Playmate, Miss October 2012, and Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton and SEGA’s Senior Producer for Aliens: Colonial Marines Matt Powers gave me more hope. Colonial Marines is considered a true sequel to the Aliens film. The game will pick up where the film left off. You’re going to look for the Sulaco and I assume these new marines aren’t going to like what they find.

A:CM Pam

The A:CM designers have access to all the original schematics to the art of Aliens. They want the game to be as close to the movie as possible. With that said though, since it is a video game, this gives the designers freedom to expand upon certain liberties like say - the weaponry and story. SEGA has also worked with FOX to create a few new xeno-alien species.   A feature I’m digging is how the game HUD represents the visor for the marine.  This brings the FPS style gameplay to a deeper level of realism.  Lastly the motion sensor, which was key in the movie, replicates the terrifying pings of imminent doom in the rafters above.       

Watch the interview HERE and get a bit more hyped for Aliens: Colonial Marines. As a reminder, it comes out February 12th which really isn’t all the far off. Stay away from those face-huggers! 


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