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Playlogic acquires Dimensity from Bulgarian developer Dagger games

December 18, 2007

Playlogic acquires "Dimensity" from Bulgarian developer Dagger games New adventure game set for release in Q2 2008

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. - an independent worldwide publisher of entertainment software - has acquired the hack and slash adventure game "Dimensity" from Bulgarian developer Dagger Games. The latest addition to Playlogics line up is set for release on PC in the second quarter of 2008. In total Playlogic expects to publish 6 to 8 new titles in Q1 of 2008.

Dimensity reveals an epic and complex tale of honor, loss and betrayal in a gritty fantasy setting. Choose between two races in massive single player campaigns to unravel the path of the heroes of the humans and the opposing ‘Triends’ to discover who will dominate the world of Dimensity in the end. Choose online play and battle up to three friends in the Multiplayer mode.

Dimensity is a hybrid hack and slash adventure game and features light RPG and RTS elements including character development. Its 3D engine features advanced terrain and particle rendering, normal mapping and per pixel lighting.

Rogier Smit, Executive VP of Playlogic: “We are very glad to be working with the Dagger team in Bulgaria. They have developed great technology and tools over several years and managed to successfully implement these in “Dimensity.” Together with the Dagger team our production department is making final changes, fine tuning and balancing gameplay and setting up the required marketing & PR activities”.

Hristo Velchev, Managing Director Dagger games: Trough all of these years of development we put a lot of effort and emotion in this title and I am very pleased"Dimensity" will be introduced worldwide by PlayLogic. We believe our collaboration will be a good starting point for a long time partnership. We hope people who play our game will enjoy it as much as we did creating it.”


  • two extensive single player campaigns on a variety of unique maps, with hundreds of quests, objectives and side missions.

  • Play as either a mage or a fighter, with a great variety of combo attacks and magical spells. Command up to 16 NPC units to fight at your side and level with you.

  • choose to either adventure through world of Dimensity, or decide to wage war and conquer enemies with the aid of NPC units

  • challenging multiplayer mode with four playable races battling in PVP or coop mode

  • gain experience and levels in both single and multiplayer mode

  • all items, gold and experience earned in both gameplay modes will be carried by the player as long as he keeps winning

  • various unlockable extra maps for a special challenge mode, featuring extremely difficult but highly rewarding missions

  • NPC units feature a wide range of troop types, from ordinary swordsmen to flying transport ships

  • Dimensity uses only one resource – gold - which must be looted from dungeons complexes beneath the battlefield


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