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Players have little use for "alts" in Firefall


The concept of "alts" in MMORPGs is nothing new, so when asked if Firefall will allow players the ability to create alternate characters, Community Coordinate FadedPez informed fans that while players can create multiple characters, they won't need to.

"Right now players have the ability to make multiple characters," FadedPez said.  "That being said, with the current plans, there is little use for "alts" since you can swap battleframes at any time at a battleframe station and you level each battleframe independently for one character."

For those worried about not being able to enjoy the game with friends of a lower level, FadedPez was also quick to point out Firefall's emphasis on horizontal progression.  By focusing more on horizontal progression and less on vertical progression, "you can enjoy the open world content with your friends at any level." 

So by eliminating the need to create alts with easily swappable battleframes and allowing friends of all levels to enjoy the game together, you can now focus on one single character.  In reality, with a game like this you should really only need two to three slots anyways.

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