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Players have been visiting Alderaan in Star Wars: The Old Republic to pay respects to Carrie Fisher

Someone even made a character to look like Princess Leia

By now the world has heard the news. Carrie Fisher, the longtime voice, and face of Princess Leia has passed away, and people who grew up watching her portray the character time and time again are finding different ways to express their feelings on the matter. One fan who plays the MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic created a character in the image of Princess Leia and took them to the game's version of Alderaan.

Players far and wide began to notice and gathered around the character. Whoever the player was just let the character stand as others sat, knelt, and even shot off a few fireworks to celebrate the life of Carrie Fisher. Of course, the player didn't sit still forever and instigated a dance party or two. Afterward, the group took a stroll through House Organa, and even though Leia doesn't technically exist for another 3,500 years given the game's place in the timeline, it hardly mattered.

Yes, it's a little cheesy, but at the same time it's so spot on with how gamers express themselves in the wake of tragedies such as these. RIP, Carrie.

Source: [Destructoid]

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