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Player reactions to that moment in BioShock Infinite that made you sh*t your pants

BioShock Infinite Boy of Silence

I think we can all agree that BioShock Infinite wasn't exactly scary. Sure, there were some creepy parts -- especially towards the end when the game took a freakish turn for the weird -- but, for the most part, there were a lack of "scare moments." There was, however, one moment that really made me jump, and I'm sure you all know which part I'm talking about.


It's when your wandering through the Comstock House in search of Elizabeth. You get to a lever that opens a security gate. Upon switching the lever and turning around you are met, face-to-face, with a Boy of Silence. It literally made me jump and my fiancée shriek in terror, but apparently we weren't the only ones caught off-guard by the Boy of Silence.

YouTuber Tanner Carter has made a compilation video featuring different reactions to this terrifying scene. No need to try and act like you didn't jump, there are plenty of others who were equally scared. Don't try to be a tough guy.

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