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Player finishes Diablo 3 in 12 hours


Diablo 3 has officially been live here in the United States for 12 hours, but thanks to time zones it's been out long enough worldwide for those hardcore enough to play through the weaning hours to complete the game.

While I'm sure others have done so as well by this time, likely those who have called in sick, we've got some stats from one of the first players who have completed Diablo 3 already.

A level 32 Barbarian, who goes by the name Yoshichan, posted his final game statistics on NeoGAF, having finished the highly-anticipated action RPG on Normal difficulty.  It took him just 12 hours and 29 minutes.

Yoshichan wrote: "Frenzy baba with lots and lots of mobility and defensive skills - 415 dps unbuffed, ~700 dps buffed."

Of course, this was just one playthrough.  He still has 28 levels to get and four difficulty levels to play through.  Diablo 3 offers those looking for more of a challenge Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno modes, which Blizzard has said "will kick your ass".  And it also has the hardcore character option, which means if you die, your character dies forever.  Let me see you accomplish that Yoshichan; everybody knows normal difficulty is easy mode.

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